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Clean Master App for Android

clean master antivirus

Android offer multitask, you can manage different apps running at the same time. You can minimize different application for a time and then maximize them. If talk about the background process the multitasking is totally depended on the RAM ,

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Your Antivirus Is Not All That Secure

antivirus secure

A lot of people will simply go on to believe that installing an antivirus program on their computer does it all. However, most of them do not know that their antivirus program can come with a serious security flaw that

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The Great Chinese Firewall And WTO Policies Clashing

Great Chinese Firewall

If there is anything that has seen some serious outrage on the internet as well as WTO, it is the Great Chinese Firewall. It is quite a well-known fact that China has had some enmity towards the foreign companies that

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Security and AntiVirus for Mobile Devices

security antivirus apps smartphones

There are billions of people these days that are using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With so many people online it’s important that your device is secure as possible from people looking to exploit you and steal your

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How to Protect your Personal Web Space?

computer protection

Much more common is the web browsing, the more false statement are spread among the people. One of the most famous “lies” about internet space is that there are some safe web sites. Some small sites like blogs that have

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