Best 5 Antivirus for Windows PC

antivirus for windows pc

The information has shown from survey that more than 30 % percent application on internet have been infected from different viruses. A virus is a program that attaches itself with other executable files. Virus is refers as a destructive code. Some viruses are being upload with a unique attractive name, user download these files and the virus file will activate after the download. So always be careful while downloading any single file. While filling any survey form don’t share your info if you don’t have any information about the source. Some viruses come along with attachment through email with an attractive name. Another way of spreading virus is by using networks. For example when you download some executable file or data from the internet or from a shared disk on the internet, the infected files may be attached with downloaded data that ultimately infects the computer. One of the important mean of virus is while exchanging data through removable media like USB devices. Also virus infects your computer is through use of pirated software, The virus will activate by the company when the license period has ended from the company. In this article I’ll show you the top 5 antivirus for your PC windows.

Top 5 Windows antivirus

Find our list here: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Norton, Windows defender Antivirus Plus, McAfee and Kaspersky.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a top rated best antivirus of all the time. It protect your PC against worms and different types of infected files. It automatically updates from server. It has many different shields like Email Shield, Spyware Shield, File system shield and Network Shield.

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus I found a best security protected software for Windows. The protection shield automatically guarded your device. When you insert any plug and play device, Norton Antivirus File system Shilled will automatically scan it and open it. Now don’t worry about Phishing trap, While browsing accidently if you open any phishing page , it detect this attack and display the warning on the screen.

Windows defender Antivirus Plus

Windows defender manufactured by Microsoft, the best antivirus protection, It automatically get updates form server and update it virus protection for every type of viruses. You can scan and cleanup your PC against malware. It runs all the time in background and guarded your PC.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus is also a best antivirus of all the time. Like other antivirus it can guard your device against malicious viruses. You can scheduled your scan time. The virus protection shield gives you rich quality safety. Don’t need to worry about your computer safety just installed McAfee Antivirus.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Another best Antivirus for your Windows PC. It automatically scan the computer files all the time and clean the infected file instantly. Spyware the type of virus that can steal your information and send it to the other computer networks. The rich quality Spyware shield protects your data from illegal access.


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