13 Apps Pulled From Google Play Store For Installing Malware In Android Phones


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13 Apps Pulled From Google Play Store For Installing Malware In Android Phones

If you love driving apps and enjoy downloading the new ones on Google Play Store, your Android phone could be on risk. A recent study reveals that about 13 apps available on Google Store and downloaded about 560,000 times were

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Spotify is Hunting for Authentic Data

In 2018 and with the debuts of many musical albums and singles, Spotify is indeed growing to become the most important music provider at the time as the users head to Spotify to stay connected to their favorite singers and

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WhatsApp Messenger Famous Encryption is Compromised

Since the debut of the viral WhatsApp end-to-end encryption a couple of years ago, the notorious messaging platform has promised its users that with the complete encryption feature all of their messages and chatting sessions are going to be limited

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Android security patches for Nexus and Pixel

Android security patches for Google Nexus and Google Pixel. Google just started releasing the Android security update patches for March for the Nexus and Pixel compatible devices. This update patches will be for the models: Nexus 6P and Nexus 5x

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Android keeps track of your location whether you’re allowing it or not

This Thanksgiving week has been a busy one in the world of digital security despite of the holiday. One of the biggest pieces of news for that week was the Quartz investigation which revealed that Google is keeping track of

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Malware Images are a way to hack your WhatsApp and Telegram

Researchers at Check Point Security firm announced a new way to attack Whatsapp and Telegram as they say that the both services use images and media files. Check Point get success in sending malware image to WhatsApp which looks normal in preview

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