How to Protect your Smartphone from Loss and Theft

Many people have increased their reliance on their smartphones and tablets when it comes to data storage. In the past, mobile phones could just hold some few contacts, messages, and your highest score on the Snake game. But currently? You can carry emails, social networks, photos, bank details, your favorite songs, podcasts, and much more in our pockets with the mobile gadgets. This makes out phones the biggest target for thieves than ever before. It also increase the need for us to take a good care of them and what is contained inside these phones. The following are some valuable tips for keeping your phone and data safe.

Breakout Your Old Phone When Partying

By now, you most likely have been through a few generations of smartphones. Therefore, you might be having an old model smartphone that is lying on your drawer. In case you are heading somewhere where there is a likelihood of losing your phone, consider getting a second prepaid SIM for the old smartphone and carry it at the expense of the new gadget. It won’t be a big deal if your drop your gadget at the side of the couch if a dodgy party guest takes shine of your smartphone. Remember you might not be able to take these high quality selfie with your device, but your data will be intact and protected as well as the device, at home.

Try Different Locking Techniques

Most of smartphone users leave their phone lock on the default settings that is usually a numerical PIN, although some few devices have got fingerprint sensors. Is wise to note that here are plenty of ways through which Android users can unlock their phone, and which will offer you with additional security. They include Smart lock and facial recognition. The former can be used to unlock your phone when you connect to a specific Wi-Fi network or plug in a specific USB cable.

Using an Antivirus

Generally, there is no need for an Antivirus for most of the Android phones, although some features might prove this allegations wrong. Among the most obvious feature is the theft alarm. Once this program is set on a given phone, a person can use another device to send a message to the phone (if it is stolen), that will make it to emit a loud warning tone. This tone can’t be turned off by the thief. Avast is also one of the best antivirus program packages for Android. This is because part of it is an Anti-Theft app with a shrill female voice that utters “Your SIM Has Been Stolen” constantly.

Setting-Up an Extra PIN or Password for Sensitive Apps

In most cases, our PINs aren’t as confidential as they are meant to be. It is always worth to consider adding another layer of security to your important apps (that holds your data and information that are private like Facebook, emails, and Whatsapp) from your nosy parent, work gossips, or a jealous partner. You can also add a Pin to individual apps like Avast, you will not be required to root your phone in order to do this. It will still be valuable to add a lock to you photos.

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