Best Screen Protectors for the HTC One M9


HTC One M9 have got a nice looking 1080 display despite the fact that is doesn’t sport a QHD display. Although, no matter its display resolution, you will still want to have the screen protected. No one will like it when there is a big scratch on the middle of its screen. This is why you are advised to have screen-protectors on the phone. The screen protectors come in varied materials, colors, as well as manufacturers/designs. There following are some of the top HTC One M9 screen protectors.

HTC One M9 [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector

The designers of Tempered Glass Screen Protector for HTC One M9 are SuperShieldz. The screen protector is HD (high-definition). Its fits the phone perfectly and wont degrade the phone’s screen quality.

HTC One M9 Screen Protector – Spigen

This another HTC One M9 clear screen protector that is made by Spigen. It is crystal clear and fits the device perfectly. Instead of just a single screen protector, Spigen offers you three in the package.

Fosmon HTC One M9 2015 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass can be termed as some of the great screen protectors in the market. With them, your HTC One M9 screen will have a natural feeling, such that you will never even imagine that you have the protector in place. This offers you with a nice feeling.

MP-Mall HTC One M9 Tempered Glass LCD HD Premium Screen Protector

MP-Mall has got also another design of the HTC One M9 screen protectors that extends the list of tempered glass screen protectors. Your display will still have the amazing looks due to the fact that this is an HD screen protector. The protector is also fingerprint resistant.

roocase HTC One M9 Tempered Glass Screen

The list of tempered screen protects extend with the incorporation of the roocase HTC One M9 tempered glass screen protector. It is fingerprint resistant. With it your screen will still have the good looks as well as have almost 999.9% touchscreen accuracy. The quality of the display isn’t degraded.

LK HTC One M9 [3 Pack] Premium HD Clear Screen Protector

LK offers you with 3 Premium HD Clear Screen Protector in a single package for the HTC One M9 smartphone. This is another high-quality PET film screen protector that you should consider trying.

BOMEA HTC One M9 Screen Protector

This is an anti-fingerprint HD quality screen protector with 2.5D rounded corners. It is well designed making it crystal clear for the HTC One M9 smartphone. It is made from the high-quality Japanese PET film.

HTC One M9 Screen Protector, Invisible Defender

Invisible Defenders gives you four screen protectors that are HD in a single package. They are also made from the high-quality Japanese PET film. It does not leave glue residue and as well very easy to install.

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