Are you Sure your System is Secured?


Most of the people using computers, laptops and tablets, surely know what antivirus means and how to use it. But, do you really think after doing so much scans and using these protective shields, actually your computer is free from danger? You will probably not answer well, if you are using FREE or TRIAL VERSIONS.

There are a number of antiviruses, we are using, and when it comes to using the one, most of the people love to have the same FREE OF COST, from their friends, relatives and numerous vendors, who are selling duplicate or free copy. We, most of the people surely try out the same, by thinking it will actually protect our computer in a better way, but most of the time we are wrong. Here are some myths associated with the antiviruses, using popularly by all over the world, let’s talk about the same and bring up some great outcomes, as follows:

Having free and popular security shield means complete protection

If you believe on above the stated thing, then I’m sorry you are mistaken. Grasping the most popular antivirus free of cost doesn’t mean at all that you are out of danger and may affect your system surely without notifying you. Most of the people experience slower speed, unnecessary advertisements, destructive malware files and many other flaws in the system only due to the same, and even protection our system it does opposite things.

People take it for granted

Most of the people take these antiviruses seriously and think this is the only one which is saving our system well. Never trust on free antiviruses, if they have not proven themselves, and if you are not using the same for years. Talking about some brands which have covered the worldwide market from a long run like- Avast and AVG, are literally doing very well among others, by giving limited but the best features to protect your computer.  Most of the user coverage around hundreds of millions of people are using the same free of cost and resulting good. But, still time to time check up and updation is required to make it powerful all the time and for fetching long term benefits.

What the experts say?

After long and deep research on the same domain, experts exclaimed that having free tools always not good for the system. Sometimes they may better protect your system, but sometimes, it may misguide or ditch you in the middle of nowhere. Thus, the simple and best solution is to with the best and premium security shields that include multiple of power and layers, to avoid any kinds of risks and viruses.

Also, don’t forget having the best and latest updation, which always comes with better functionality and power pack performances. Also, system to system and type of operating systems too matter a lot, thus, make sure everything should be balanced and can work on your any system, professionally.

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