Tiktok App banned in India

Tiktok, a worldly popular app for making short videos by using the technology of lip-syncing. It has almost 800 million users all over the world from which India consists of 120 million users. The attention-grabbing report that is being discussed everywhere that India has banned Tiktok.

In the context of banning, the prime minister of India Narendra Modi of Bhartiya Janata Party has restricted 59 more Chinese apps in India including Tencent’s WeChat, file sharing app Shareit, video-chat app Kwai, Baidu’s Baidu map, and Alibaba’s UC Browser.

Tik Tok App

One of its reasons for the prohibition of these softwares is the attack of the Chinese Army on the north-region of Himalaya that killed 20 Indian soldiers as a result. This dispute created a clash between both nuclear-power countries. Moreover, India has claimed that the ban of Tiktok and the other 59 applications, is because of there discriminative activities and there is no compromise on the protection of the country’s integrity, sovereignty, and defense.

India vs China

Right after the fight, the Chief Executive wrote a letter to the Government of India that was seen by a reporter agency and was disclosed on Friday 3 July 2020. In the matter of this letter, another point came up that it was written to set a meeting with the Indian Government Officials. Further, it was clarified in the letter that the Government of China had never demanded the data of the Indian users and if there would be any demand in the future we would not respond to it and more on the data is saved away from Beijing in Singapore on a secure server.

A Chinese-controlled report tells, as there were above hundred million Indian Tiktok users so the Tiktok Chief Executive Officer has put in up to $1billion to make Tiktok more interesting for the Indian users. As an drawback of blocking the program has in India, Tiktok would face a loss of $6billion.

Besides all this matter of officially forbidden apps, the applications that are developed in India are now becoming popular like an Indian video sharing software named Rosopo launched in 2014, its parent company stated that its number of users increased up to 22 million in just two days.

In all, the protection of the public and state is very important and the government of the country can interdict anything due to which state’s security is on risk.

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