Saudi Arabia Launches World Defense Show in 2022

The past few years witnessed the diligent plans and future visions of Saudi Arabia to integrate better with the rest of the world by launching more cultural and social events and shows that are held in order to improve the quality of the tourism sector and attract the attention of the foreign tourists. This year Saudi Arabia stated that it’s officially launching the “World Defense Show” that’s scheduled to be in 2022. The future defense-based show is going to be revolving around the areas of inter-operations in land, air and sea. Also the fields of security, defensive technological advances and satellite defense systems are going to be heavily tackled and discussed during the show.

General Authority for Military Industries

This show is going to be Saudi Arabia’s first fully integrated defense show. The GAMI – General Authority for Military Industries – stated that the 2022 show will be occurring in the global defense show circuit, and numerous participants and exhibitors will be offered the chance to take part in the show.

Global industries of defense

The governor of GAMI said in a recent virtual conference with some of the leading defense companies and manufacturers that the technologies in the global industries of defense are indeed evolving and improving every day; and that’s why the 2022 World Defense Show in the Kingdom is very important to keep track of the latest defense techniques and modern defense technologies. The governor added that the future show is an excellent platform in order to display and explain the possibilities and defensive strategies that can be generated from the inter-operational formula that lies between the main defensive fields of land, air, sea, and satellite.

World Defense Show

The anticipated World Defense Show is also a great opportunity for Saudi Arabia to better develop and enhance its local military and defensive capabilities. Furthermore, the plans and location adaptation for the 2022 show have already started; and it has been reported that there’ll be a massive runway for the aviation activities and shows. Apparently the future investment in the sector of defense and military is going to be further amplified in the country. Saudi Arabia is one of the major countries in the military and defense fields; it has one of the biggest budgets for the defense department and defense industry. Consequently it’s the optimal decision to hold the World Defense Show in 2022 in the Kingdom in order to keep track of, and also localize, the latest defense technologies and techniques. The show will be held over four consecutive days – from the 6th to the 9th of March – and it’ll include interactive activities, comprehensive displays, along with multiple seminars and conferences designed to focus on the future of defense.

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