A man got third degree burn during sleeping with iPhone


A man of Alabama almost lost his life due to an iPhone charger during sleeping. Actually, He was electrocuted by the iPhone charger. This incident shows us the risk of charging our phone when we are in bed.

This 32 year man Wiley day went to the bed on 22 March, keeping his iPhone plug to the charger via an extension cord at the bedside. This man used to wear a dog-tag necklace which was the main cause of this incident. Next morning when he awoke he observed that exposed prongs of charger head which were coming from the extension cord caught the necklace.

The necklace which was of metal behaved as a conductor for the electricity which transferred electricity to Day’s neck. But before he realized what is going around, he had suffered a third-degree burn around his neck. After observing that, he just screamed loudly that a relative rush to his room and find that Wiley got injury and hole in his shirt.

Smartly Wiley removed the chain around his neck to prevent his hand from Burning. Wiley described it the most demonic moment of life and said that nobody should feel that.

He said in his Facebook post that he is thankful to God that he is alive now and thankful to all the guys who calls and text him.

This is not the first incident of charging phone electrocuting.  A woman in China died in 2013 due to electrocution because she was answering the call during iPhone charging. Similarly, a man of London was died due to electrocution in March because he kept his iPhone on his chest during bathing.

The American Burn Association said that using a charging cord without the safety measures is not a good deal for your life.

Consumer product safety commission of US gives an estimation that about 4700 residential fire caused by extension cords each year which kills 50 people and provides injuries to 280 peoples.

Wiley said that God helped him to recover from this incident. But may you will not so lucky as Wiley, So prevent yourself from electrocution.

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