Smartphones are Stealing your Time

Have you ever had such an experience when you are sitting with your friend at a cafe, and he or she gets up in the bathroom, and you start using your smartphone until he or she joins you back? Instead of taking few moments out and wait for your friend come back, you start flipping your phone and start roaming your social media accounts. This is all that is happening nowadays.

On the face of the new year, smartphones may have seemed like the most difficult things to be hated. On average, most of the smartphone users use them for more than 3 hours each day. If you go in the past five years back, these handsets were introduced as the outstanding devices of the enhanced technology which have exceptional capabilities. Whether it is about the communicating with fellows using various emoji, flying a drone or browsing while using the toilet, the things which you perform with smartphones have become so amazing and have hopefully terrified the ancestors of human generation.

Contradicting all of these glittery capabilities, there are more disturbing factors which are related to the smartphone devices that most of you carry. Most of the worrying reports regarding the smartphone addiction, the recognition of smartphones like the phubbing activity, revealed that 7 out of the 10 Americans use the smartphones behind the when and 1 out of 10 users check their phones while having sex. These facts show that how much smartphones became harmful to our living.

The main reason of the smartphone usage is obviously because they are amazingly fantastic and seem extreme however such attitudes are not as uncommon as you consider. The actual story lies in the bigger picture, for which you have to go through the bigger questions like how you have allowed yourself to become so addicted to the usage of smartphones? What made it happen that smartphones have become so appealing and potent to your lives that you can’t put them down for a while?

The era in which you live is the one which makes the life happy easily. 2016 has been marked a difficult year. Whether you link this to the Britain’s unexpected vote for leaving the EU, the election of Donald Trump, the causalities of beloved public celebrities like David Bowie, George Michael and Carrie Fisher or some other reason, it becomes hard to disagree.

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