Top ways to get yourself Protected Against Hackers


Until you are that person such as Edward Snowden, you may not fear of getting hacked while using the internet each day. However, this doesn’t show that you should not take any practical step to keep your system secure. From text messages to email, the research exhibited few very beneficial tips which can help you to make your devices safe from potential hackers.

Best 4 ways to get yourself protected against hackers:

1. Keep a password or code settings enabled on your phone

If you have not put a password or code on your phone yet, do it now seriously. You are making your personal info and private data susceptible, and anyone can easily access it if you lose your phone. A four-character Pin has got 10,000 various possible combinations which make it hard to guess, but a 6-character code has got one million possibilities.

2. Keep the two-step verification process on for each online account you own that supports it, particularly your email service

The two-step verification process is an extra security process which needs you to get yourself authenticated on another device, usually on your phone. It is designed to avoid some intruder logging into your account using your email and password, and it is quite efficient in keeping these accounts safe.

The email service is often log in which carries out the two-step process, and if any hacker tries to gain access to your email id, then the service provider will tell you that your account is at risk.

3. Use various passwords for login. 1password is a good app to handle all the passwords

It is not a good practice to use same passwords for various logins, particularly for those who have access to your delicate info like bank accounts. You should use distinct passwords for each login account you own. Unless you have a good memory, and you may want to use the password managing apps to seek help in keeping track.

4. Apple’s iMessage is encrypted, however, if you are still confused or want anything which works on iOS and Android, get the Signal app

The Apple’s iMessage is provided with end-to-end encryption, which keeps it safe for communication. As told by Will Strafach, the TI that encryption is a byproduct as Apple can’t do it for granting safety. The company has made the attestment in court that if the government is to subpoena the user’s iMessage, Apple will not comply as it is encrypted info.

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