F-Secure Purchases Little Flocker to overcome Mac OS Ransomware

Due to various viral attacks on Mac OS platform increasing in number and complication, the endpoint protection company F-Secure has decided to acquire the services of Little Flocker, which is a Mac OS app. The app offers the strong security against the ransomware and other dangerous malicious stuff.

The app of Little Flocker can be utilized for enforcing the restricted access controls to Mac’s system including the files and directories as well as to the webcam, microphone and other hardware parts. It is specifically effective for overcoming the ransomware, adware, spyware, computer Trojans, and other different malicious programs which try to capture, encrypt or devastate your files.

The company is planning to integrate the Little Flocker, which it calls the highly advanced protection service that works for Macs, with its novel Xfence mechanism. Xfence is planned to add the highly precise and behavioral security to its current endpoint protection system for Mac OS.

Little Flocker was released by iOS forensics professional Jonathan Zdziarski. During March, Jonathan declared that he had taken the position of a member of the Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture team, which may elaborate the reason for selling his project of the app.

While Mac has been targeted much more than they attacked the computer systems, which has started to change in the past few years. The reason is that Mac Books are more common in use by various high-level companies’ bosses, developers, and other teams of users that are given high-level objectives to achieve for both cyberespionage and cybercriminal groups.

In recent few years, the document files which are leaked, allegedly linked to the CIA show, which its cyber operational section has much interest in Mac Books. The agency has made the low-level implantations of firmware and espionage software for the Apply made PCs.

The cybercriminals have kept the Macs in the target. Few of the Window Trojan programs have been shifted to Mac OS, and in last year there have been several discoveries related to the first encrypted based filing ransomware for the platform of Mac.

Little Flocker collaborates with the Mac OS at very low level and can’t be penetrated by the malware much easily. It lets users mention which app have to access which directory or file. As it provides the real-time security for interventions, it is considered very effective for stopping the ransomware.

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