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Avast Software is the manufacturer of the best and most trusted PC and mobile security software in the whole world. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. selected Avast as the pilot mobile protection service to put together Qualcomm Snapdragon Smart Project.

This project employs technology from Qualcomm Zeroth Machine Intelligence Platform to discover mobile malware intimidation to Smartphone safety and personal solitude in real-time. This mobile security solution was demonstrated by both Avast and Qualcomm Technologies at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

With the mobile malware is on the increase, Avast now has more than two million malicious samples in its mobile menace detection database. Avast keeps detecting 12,000 fresh, exclusive mobile malware samples on daily basis, and about 15 percent of mobile users across the world encounter mobile malware every quarter.

Malware builders are targeting mobile developers more and more, with the increasing use of mobile devices and the important data they have. The ransom-ware that locks a data or device on it and requests for a ransom to unlock is an instance of mobile malware. On the other hand, Adware is thinning out on mobile.

Adware frequently comes in the form of an entertainment or gaming app that looks harmless. However, making use of their infected gadget to click on ads is what users are unconscious about. Avast also discovered latest forms of mobile spyware, interfering to the privacy of users and collecting their data in 2015. Prospective exploits in the Android operating system like Stage-fright put users at risk, in addition to mobile malware.

OEMs and mobile operators must protect their users in instantaneous manner, with threats rising on daily basis. Snapdragon Smart Protect offers security at the mainframe level, and this is premeditated to develop customer privacy and defend them against zero day attacks, scoundrel applications, and ransom-ware.

Sy Choudhry, the senior director of product management of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. pointed out that Snapdragon Smart Protect is engineered to support real-time, exact detection of zero-day and transformed mobile malware. The combination of core malware analysis delivered by Avast and Qualcomm Technologies’ dynamic, behavior-based malware analysis of Snapdragon Smart Protect enables incredibly wide-ranging and dominant security and privacy protection for device users.

Snapdragon Smart Protect uses the Zeroth machine learning technology from Qualcomm Technologies’ to detect and categorize a broader range of mobile malware at the processor level in order to accomplish a higher level of protection. OEMs and mobile operators will gain from tumbling the risk of data leakage and malware attacks for their users, even as consumers will gain from improved protection.

At the moment, Snapdragon Smart Protect is obtainable to handset OEMs on Snapdragon 820 processor, and it is anticipated to be propped up by further Snapdragon SoCs later on this year. The earliest commercial devices with Snapdragon Smart Protect are anticipated in the first half of 2016.

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