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Consider looking down at the phone that you are holding. Most likely the phone is Android-powered, high-end, late model phone. A good chance has it that you like the phone and you are pretty happy with it because you can do the things that you want to do with it.

Google’s Nexus

Unluckily, there is a higher chance that the phone that you are holding is sadly out of date when we mention about security issues. In this case, I do not imply the Android version that it’s running, but the security patches that you have to get regularly. Unless the phone you are holding is Nexus, there is a higher probability that you do not get such updates.

Unfortunately, a security issue might blow up one day where someone might find a way of spreading it to a massive number of people. In case such a thing happens, it is our hope that someone will have come up with a patch against it. It is also our hope that such kind of a patch will be availed to our tablets and phones. Regrettably, not unless your device is a Nexus phone, chances are that you might be washed in such a situation.

This can be termed a Google’s problem, although we might not be able to fix it. Unlike Windows (which is provided by Microsoft in form of an OS to manufacturers and can therefore be installed and customized), Android give companies like LG and Samsung a source code that they modify and use to build their own OS. This therefore implies that Google can’t send security updates for any tablets or phones that have been built outside the spec of the Nexus Program. Also Google can’t force manufacturers to update anything due to the fact that that code is given freely.

So How Does This Get Fixed?

Fixing this situation is the real problem, as the only people that can patch or update a software are the people who built it on an Android phone. Remember the fact that most of them built so many models that are different, meaning that they might have to go through a wide variety of carrier certifications around the world for such an update to happen. In simple terms, such a situation can’t be fixed. If getting such updates. For security issues, really matters to you; you have two options either buying an iPhone or Nexus phone. Google and Apple, despite the fact that they sell a few models, they have got the means to quickly develop a patch and update your device in case of a severe software issue.

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