Avast Mobile Security review 2015


This article outlines the recent improvements on Avast mobile security. The analysis shows that the freemium version has added some features to its security software. With the new scan tools, Avast can detect security threats in home networks of users. More so, it’s able to detect recent program updates and it also repairs system performance issues.

Avast Security Company still carries out massive strategies to improve its efficiency in malware protection. Furthermore, it’s in the process of designing a security tool that’s compatible with multiple devices. The new Avast app comes with many features, and the following are some of its advantages.

Best Anti-malware Protection

With the new smart scan, Avast provides the best system protection against malware. It runs a vigorous scan through the system, checking for virus and it fixes or block them. Avast new app can detect recent updates for installed software’s, run a security scan for internet connections and troubleshoot PC problems thus improving its performance. Additionally, it prevents the phishing threats that direct browsers to compromised sites. It therefore, offers the best protection because it scans all places that malware breed.

Accessible Security

These improvements has made it easier to access and use this tool. It’s now possible to install the new smart scan tool from any computer without the hustles of a license key. It helps to establish a secure line VPN, this guarantee online safety.

Simple installation

The innovative smart scan has displayed a speedy installation just like the previous version. Though it’s possible to customize settings for your protection and the installed programs, the express setup of the tool takes relatively short time.

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Improvement is still the goal, going by the lab results, and Avast is still pursuing its goal to enhance its performance. This move has created an avenue for other similar products to heighten competition.

Short VPN trial, the new scan tool provides a brief trial period for its users. As a result, many of them don’t know whether the VPN service is suitable for them.

Partially free, though the app marshals some desirable features in its free version, most of these utilities are still locked in the premium versions of the tool

Bottom Line

Its ability to detect available updates for installed programs has steadily voted a lot towards its recognition.it has therefore become a desired full security kit. Though most of its excellent features remain locked in the premium version, its free version also offers a reasonable protection.

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