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ESET is a highly reputed security software tool. It manufactures mobile security for Androids. According to the lab results, this is the best mobile antivirus app. The recent update of ESET Mobile Antivirus is a two-factor Authentication application. It adds a secure validation to the weak and the static passwords. About protection against malware and phishing, it’s among the best app.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus has been properly designed and has no effect on cell phones such as slowing down their performances and abnormal draining of batteries. It comes with an extensive interface, but it lacks parental controls and backup features. Because of its desirable features this app was released in the market and faced minimal competition. Each of the released product operated in its default settings. Moreover, this app can update itself automatically. Though all the competing products from other designers worked relatively well, ESET outdid them because it was able to detect any form of malware. Despite its malware protection, ESET supports web safety. It, therefore, blocks you from landing on compromised websites that can phish out your personal data. Furthermore, it gives you the option to block or eliminated sites from emailing or messaging you.

The greatest danger as far as mobile phones are concerned is the total loss of physical control of the device. As a result, ESET has anti-theft features embedded in its program. It, therefore, makes it possible to track the physical location of the cellphone, receive snapshots from its cameras. For example, it’s possible to customize an alarm with your misplaced device and locate its where about. It incorporates the best product management decision by eliminating backup and parental controls. It is because not all android users are parents, and many users are storing their data in the cloud. When testing by the AV-Test was done to establish protection also included the impact of ESET antivirus app on phone usage. Finally, it was established that this app never drains the battery abnormally nor slowing down the performance of the phone. ESET also proved to be effective in detecting all forms also proved to have a simple installation process than all the other competing products.

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In summary, ESET Mobile Security is one of the best ranking mobile security tool. Mostly because it protects your phone against malware and phishing without halting the phone’s processing power. Besides it helps in recovering a lost phone without damaging personal data. The application allows flexibility and deeper integration of two-factor applications into the bespoke software, which made it the best cost-effective solutions for SMBs.

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