Download 3 Best iPhone Cleaners: iMyfone Umate, PhoneClean and iFreeUp

Download the Best iPhone Cleaners: iMyfone Umate, PhoneClean and iFreeUp. Just as computers and laptops can gather an overabundance of files that are unnecessary and useless, phones and tablets can do the same thing. Useless data, cookies, left over bits of files from uninstalled apps and more can leave a lasting impression on your smart phone, thus affecting the way it runs and operates.

No one likes a slow smart phone, and that is why there are specific apps for making them run faster and better. While they all do basically the same thing, there are different features on each that may make them more or less appealing to you.

iMyfone Umate App

iMyfone Umate is the best tested cleaning app for the iPhone and iPad. It works to completely eliminate up to thirty file types, compresses data for things like photos, apps and storage and can give you as much 75% more space free. It can also manage apps, or delete them if you choose, as well as increasing the velocity of your device. You may just think you have a brand new phone when you run the iMyfone Umate.

PhoneClean App

PhoneClean is another way to get rid of data you don’t need, especially cookies and remnants of apps such as iTunes, that can create a lot of extra, unnecessary files, especially if syncing is interrupted. The PhoneClean interface has nice tones and the software execution is incredibly easy to understand. It is efficient and more than capable of giving you lots of extra free space on your iOS device. PhoneClean is also the only iOS tool that gives you personal data protection. A total of nine tune up tools are available, no jailbreak is required and all iOS services and devices are supported.

iFreeUp App

iFreeUp is a great app that is designed to completely optimize your system. Unnecessary cleanups are avoided while certain configurations can quickly be corrected that might otherwise aid in slowing your device down. This free tool is simple and easy to use. By installing it first onto a computer, you can then connect your device, open the program and begin. The opening screen greets you with a modern interface that gives you the option to perform a general sweep, which will run a complete diagnostic service on your device. Once this is done, you can then begin to remove anything that you think is unnecessary. Once the removal is completed, you will get a complete and concise report, alerting you to any files that were removed or altered in the process.

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