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Talking in term of the latest antivirus software programs, you don’t want to be a fly-by-night maker who gets access to the sensitive data which these apps can scan. Fortunately, the majority of the longest tenured antivirus firms belong to the field of the desktop computers and provide the entirely secured system which is capable for the Android platforms too nowadays.

The Android itself own a nice collection of security features. Its antiviruses software programs are designed in such a way that they give users the peace of mind which could not be gotten in any other way with the back-scenes parameters like those which platform of Android offers. The scheduling apps and file scanning features assure that your smartphone is protected and its data is safe while many other additional attributes are also available to aid the digital system secure.

Here is a brief comparative description between two of the top Android antivirus app is provided along with their security features. Let’s take a closer look between few of the vital differences between the latest updated versions of Avast and AVG.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus Updates


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AVG Antivirus Security Updates


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