Kapersky vs Paid Antivirus

Free products do have really good detection ratios these days. So what I’m going to do is to take one of the best free product that is Avast and compare it to a really popular paid product in this case Kaspersky. So this is going to be Avast versus Kaspersky head-to-head detection ratio test to see who has the better signatures.

We’ve got one thousand three hundred and ninety-seven items. That’S a ton of malware, so we’re going to do a right click scan and see how many in a task and detect, as usual, we are going to delete all the threats. After a really quick scan and removal process we were just left with 17 items, which gives us a detection ratio of 98.8 percent, which is really impressive, considering the age of these files. Actually, these files are the mixture of malicious files from today, from yesterday and from the data floor, so it’s a really good pack to test the detection ratio of software.

Anyway, let’s head over to the Kaspersky system, I have an updated Kaspersky and we also have the same folder of malware here of 1397 items same as before. So, let’s go ahead and do a right click scan and see what kind of detection ratio we can get with Kaspersky which is a paid product. The Kaspersky scan and removal process took much longer than that of Avast, but when it’s done we do see a better result. We’ve got only nine items left, which means a detection ratio of 99.4 %, which is even more impressive than what we saw with the Avast.

The free antivirus products are catching up and the detection ratio gap is starting to shrink. So free products don’t have bad signatures anymore. That is just a myth, In fact, it’s a pretty close call.

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