Mac Users Are Warned About Apple Targeting Malware

Mac computers have been long known as invincible. They have a reputation to be some of the best secured computers around. On the other hand is Ransomware- a malware that is known for its adverse range of damage and persistence. As of late Ransomware has been wreaking havoc on computer users but Mac users have been relatively safe.

That’s changing though, with the release of a Ransomware that specifically targets Apple’s Mac computers and their users. The Ransomware, similar in fashion to the Ransomware that took over many other computers in the past few months, encrypts data and demands payment before the data can be accessed again.

Along with this Ransomware, though, there is also another malware strain making its way into Mac computers. It’s a spyware that monitors what Mac users do and steals valuable information.

Both programs were discovered by security at Fortinet and AlienVault, when a portal as discovered on the Tor browser (used mainly to access the “deep web” or “dark web”).

Upon investigation, they found that the creators of the malwares were highly experienced programmers with an abundance of knowledge about coding. Users who wanted to use the harmful coding were encouraged by the creators to reach out and provide details of how they wanted the malwares to be set up and accessed. Also according to the creators plans, the money collected by the malwares would be split between the creating company and their customers.

Although there is evidence of the creators having experience, the coding behind the Ransomware and Spyware, appears to be less sophisticated than the ones that had previously been targeting computers. The files that were scrambled in with the malwares, however, would still be lost for good because the programs did a good job of handling the decryption keys that are needed to restore data.

Statistics gathered by McAffee claim that although Macs are still less targeted than other computers, they are on the radar. Macs have around 450,000 programs targeting them where as Windows computers have roughly 23 million programs trying to infect them.

Now that Mac users are being targeted, they are urged to keep their devices up to date with software and pay attention to messages they get via email as they often contain the malicious programs.

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