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The Norton Antivirus software is an antivirus program which is build up by the Symantec Corporation. The Norton Antivirus software serves as a strong protection for your computer system to secure it from undesirable threats and dangerous attacks. It has a scanning tool which searches for the viruses or malware in each file of the computer and removes them. Viruses get updated each day, and Norton antivirus continually keeps on providing the necessary protection.

The antivirus software is available at the affordable price and can be bought for a whole year for getting the complete and firm protection. The renewal subscriptions also come in the market for purchase. The Norton software is quite customer friendly and very simple to install, but, Norton offers the best technical support for the users who don’t have much computer literacy.

Main features of Norton Antivirus Software

The Norton antivirus works in the background while you are using the computer, for scanning the external email file attachments which you use to open on your computer. It can also be adjusted for carrying out the automatic protection of the computer against any external viral attacks which you may be vulnerable for a while browsing the internet. You can set the software for doing the automatic full scan of your computer system on a daily basis or once in a week, or maybe after certain duration.

Once you are done with the scanning process, your antivirus software can be automatically set for deletion of all the viruses that it has detected. The software is provided with a live update system which generates automatic updates on your computer with the latest virus terms.

How Norton Antivirus scans the viruses?

There are two methods which Norton Antivirus uses to scan your computer: manual scan and automatic scan. If you have set the software for the automatic scan, you can adjust it to scan various files of the computer. You can also set it to scan the computer for particular period or date.

During the manual scan of the computer, you can scan the files which can be accessed by the software. You can also select the downloads for scanning that are trying to access online. If you carry out the online web surfing, it is considered good to set the software for automatic protective scanning of the computer system which works in the background to keep it safe from viral attacks.

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