How Facebook offers Best Security Checkpoints using McAfee and Windows


During past few years, Facebook management has been trying to focus on aiding its users in staying safe from various malware. In short, from all types of malicious programs which are installed on your device to disturb the routine operations of gathering the personal data or getting access to your system. In past few years, there are huge advancements done to detect the presence of spam or any other malicious content proactively on Facebook via various infected devices.

Once you recognized any infection, you get notified and provided with the free antivirus program which cleans out your device.  This April, in order to facilitate users and their devices from infectious malware, Facebook launched the Facebook antivirus products to offer the free antivirus system. This led to the better enhancement of the outer blacklist system for bringing the users to protect from the dangerous websites that you may download into your system.

And in last month, Facebook made modifications in the mobile reporting system and introduced the Code Generating system for Android to bring up more safety for your devices. At last, Facebook made a deal with external security teams to notify its users about the infected DNS chargers.

In the past, if you have anything suspicious installed on your device you could either require an antivirus or have to wait unless Facebook detects it. Presently, with the new malware security checkpoints, you can get a choice of using the free antivirus scan and clean out your system.

Facebook is currently working on two products for its users: McAfee scan and repair and Microsoft security essentials.

  1. The McAfee scan and repair will get downloaded into you Windows PC as a small software which carries out the real-time scan of your computer for detecting malware. It will not interfere the current anti-virus or other security systems. After scanning, it will give you an option to remove malicious files either automatically or manually.
  2. Using the Microsoft security essentials, you get an entire antivirus program. After downloading and installing, it will add up as an antivirus program into your system which will continue to secure your computer as the recent antivirus signatures from Microsoft

The company is hopeful that by such rapid progress, users will get maximum benefits and this system will help them in making their data much secure. For further info, you can get help from Facebook customer support.

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