Facebook Messenger Faces Backlash After Failing to Keep its Promise

Facebook has been dominating the social media scene for too long with the blue app and both of its messengers, Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite, garnering the attention of more than 1.5 billion users who use the app to get all sorts of things done. However there have been some turbulence in the status of Facebook in the market during different times of each of the past years; the turbulence stems from the fact that Facebook Messenger isn’t exactly the most secured instant-messaging service at the moment and unfortunately a lot of users aren’t okay with having their online privacy threatened at all times.

Secure Messengers

Other powerful alternatives such as Viber and Telegram have already granted their fan base an end-to-end encryption feature that protects all messages and chatting content against any possible third-party interference. WhatsApp itself, which belongs to the Facebook group, has been flaunting end-to-end encryption for a couple of years now. Seeing that the audiences demand a full and uncompromised online privacy, Facebook last year promised to present full messaging encryption soon.


The CEO of Facebook has admitted back at the beginning of 2019 that the future of Facebook Messenger is going to revolve around providing an end-to-end encryption. Sadly it has been one year since the announcement of Facebook’s privacy promise and nothing has been done yet. Officials at the company stated that the full privacy step for Facebook Messenger is indeed a tricky and challenging one. Adding an end-to-end encryption feature to Messenger and Facebook Lite requires rethinking and revamping everything. It was recently revealed that the transition to full privacy would in fact require years of hard work and online messaging renovation.


Facebook users everywhere didn’t really like the idea of delaying the end-to-end encryption feature since there are other, successful and trustworthy alternatives that offer 100% secured instant messaging – such as Telegram. The backlash against Facebook is actually quite justifiable since the blue app failed to keep up his 2019 promise of a fully guaranteed privacy. As of now, Facebook users can only utilize the Secret Conversation mode which has a default encryption. The future plan to integrate Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will consequently take more time too since Facebook wouldn’t want to mess up the default protection feature of WhatsApp – causing even more users to criticize the social media outlet and its messengers. The reactions of many experts and keen users stressed that Facebook indeed has no intention of providing full privacy to its community on Messenger since an end-to-end encryption feature doesn’t go hand in hand with its interests at the moment.

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