How firewall can protect the system

In the much simpler terms, the working of the firewall is explained regarding the filter which secures your computer or network and the Internet browsing. You can set the things which you want to get into or take out of the wall. Rest, nothing is allowed to pass into the system. There are few various types of ways by which firewall can be used as a to filter out the data, and sometimes they are used in a combination. These ways work in the form of different layers of a network, which specifies how particular filter options you should use.

Firewalls are used in different ways to provide security to your system

  • For personal computers, firewalls serve the much simplest security
  • The main objective of using the firewall is to protect your personal data and private network from any external malicious program
  • The main threat to your computer system is the malicious malware. The virus is the first kind of malware which attacks your system. A virus can enter into your system via email or any download done by the internet and can rapidly cause huge destruction to the files stores in the drive
  • The malicious threats are often planned to get the personal data which lead to the identity theft; you can use firewall to avoid this

Comodo Firewall

Comodo firewall utilizes the function in which it is installed in the computer system for protecting it against the malware. This is free program firewall, which is a most leading world-wide security solution and is certified one. It uses the patent “clean system mode” for avoiding any app from getting into the computer system unless it fulfills two requirements. Firstly, the user grants the consent for its installation and second is that app should be on the widespread list of the approved apps offered by Comodo. Using this feature, you don’t need to concern the illegality issues while installing any program on your computer.

Features of Comodo Firewall

The Comdo firewall is rated as one of the best firewall suggested by both the experts and advanced users. It has got many unique features as:

  • Default Refusal Security
  • Personalized warnings
  • Cloud-based attitude analysis
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
  • High customizability makes it able to set the particular requirements of user
  • The Comodo Internet protection suite joins the award gotten Comodo firewall with the strong antivirus by offering the multi-layered protection to millions of systems around the globe for free

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