Facebook Messenger lets you do much more than chat

Facebook has been working on an interface design for its Messenger for some time now, and it looks like it’s finally completed and is slowly reaching users on phones around the world. It is a server-type update, which means that it will be available to users automatically at some point.

If you are one of those who have already received an updated Facebook Messenger you may have noticed, the design changes, which focus on extra white backgrounds, large icons and bold text. The white background is extremely aggressive when the application opens in the dark, while large icons and bold text take up a lot of space.

Facebook has also tested Dark Mode for its new design, meaning users will be able to darken the white background if that’s what they prefer.

In March, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg shared his grand vision for the future of Facebook, united by the encryption of all messaging services. According to the latest news, the company is really up and running.

According to analyst Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is currently testing video and audio call encryption via Messenger as part of a special Secret Mode. This indirectly also means that your ordinary calls will not be encrypted.

Remember, Messenger currently only encrypts messages if you are in Conversation Mode, and the new feature will provide voice conversations. It is also very important to emphasize that only WhatsApp currently uses phone call encryption

Although this testing may result in encryption coming in for Messenger calls, many people will probably never use it, given that everyone knows that Messenger has never been a good place for messaging. What would be a fair and honest thing is that Facebook decides to encrypt all messages at the start.

In addition to sharing files and organizing group events, Messenger enables you send payments to friends and request funds from anybody who owes you money.

In general, the main news is the arrival of the Messenger desktop application in Windows 10 and macOS systems, improved user privacy and the so-called Project LightSpeed.

The aforementioned Project LightSpeed includes Messenger that has been reprogrammed from scratch, and the goal of such a process is to make the application easier and faster. The new Messenger application will have a loading time of two seconds although all the options available in the current full version of Messenger are included) and should be significantly smaller than the current Messenger application, which weighs about 100 MB. The indicative date for the introduction of this new version of Messenger is unknown.

The new feature is, as we have already pointed out, currently in testing state and the date of arrival is not yet known.

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