How to Save Phone from Hijacker’s attacks on WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app. But nowadays, the main security drawback has discovered with the use of WhatsApp. Hijackers are allowed to hijack your phone as a WhatsApp bug is allowing them to enter in your phone to steal their files and get access to your chat messages.

A researcher named Awakened has discovered this.

How a phone could be hijacked through Whatsapp Messenger?

Hijackers will try to reach your personal documents and chats by sending the victims a GiF. If a victim opens this GiF, the hijacker will be able to hijack the mobile.  The malware acts well for devices and mobiles that run Android 9 and Android 8.1 processors. The malware can run in other older Androids versions too.

Which Mobiles could it affect?

According to Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp Messenger, the malware can affect all the phones having WhatsApp Bussiness or WhatsApp installed in them. It includes Apple’s iPhone, Tizen devices, Android phones, and also Windows phones. Whatsapp is being used by 1.5 billion population of the world.

Is your phone either Affected with it or not?

If there is not any dropped call, either you have not accepted any voice call from an unknown group or received GiF from an unknown party your phone is probably not affected by it and you are not among the victims.

Who is behind this terrifying Hijack?

A bizarre company of Israel, the NSO Group, is believed to be behind this notoriously intrusive software. However, Israel’s NSO Group has denied by saying that he had not done so.

How to Avoid the Hijacker’s Attack?

WhatsApp Aplication has solved the issue and instructed the users to update their WhatsApp by downloading the latest version of the app. The latest version of WhatsApp could be installed from Google Play Store or Android play store. To make your phone safer, you are needed to update the operating system of your mobile.

Is your phone needs to be updated?

To install the latest version of WhatsApp open play store of your mobile, from menu tap “My Apps and Games”. Then find WhatsApp Messenger in your installed apps, tap WhatsApp messenger and selecting Read more reach to the bottom. If the WhatsApp version is 2.19.134, that will be good news for you as your phone is safe. Otherwise, if you have 2.19.133 version you are needed to update your phone.

Statement of WhatsApp’s Spokesperson

A spokesperson of WhatsApp has told the users that the hijack issue was quickly solved, and there is not any reason to reckon that any user has affected by it. Although we are always putting efforts to provide our users with the latest features of the security.

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