Fortnite Serious Security Flaws

Over the last couple of days, the Android version of the popular game, Fortnite, faced some security flaws that led to seriously dangerous consequences that could affect the entire safety of the user’s device. However, the game developers have already started to act in an attempt to figure out how to fix the security flaw of the game app regarding the Android devices. Evidently, not all of the flaws of the recent game version can be handled at once, and as Fortnite is increasingly becoming more and more popular amongst various gamers all over the world, the game developers must start to provide immediate solutions to the vulnerability of the gaming latest Android version.

It’s stated that one portion of the game’s recent security issues arise from the fact that the latest Fortnite is not made available on the Play Store of Google – Google’s Play Store is, to some extent, a safe haven for trusted apps; instead, the developers of Fortnite chose to take a risky detour that doesn’t include Google’s Play Store as the official place to purchase the game app. According to Google, if the user chose to resort to other platforms, other than the Play Store, in order to purchase certain apps, he, as a result, must prepare himself to cope with the consequences of such decision, for any app purchased outside of Google’s Play Store is more likely than not to be a malware or a malicious software.

Consequently, the decision Fortnite made to promote downloading the game app from an isolated source is indeed a not-very-great decision since it exposes its base of gamers that exceeds 125 millions players to multiple and dangerous security issues that could lead to a dysfunctional device. Even if such a decision wasn’t intended to cause any damage, which is more likely to be the reality, other parties may interfere with the game app since it’s not protected by Google’s Play Store bug detectors.

Additionally, the tremendous success and popularity of Fortnite make it even more alluring to continuously purchase the game app even if not through a trusted source. The main security flaw which grants any hacker the opportunity to replace the authentic gaming app with any other malicious software and thus penetrating the user’s device, is definitely on the top of the recent security issues that Fortnite developers need to fix as soon as possible. Google stated that as soon as the security problems came to sight, Epic Games was immediately notified about the issue.

Epic Games, fortunately, acted immediately and provided a clean and trusted version of the latest game app in an attempt to redeem itself. However, Google made it publicly crystal clear that the recent version of Fortnite is facing very serious security issues, a move that was considered by Epic Games as an untimely counteract to the distrubtion of the game app outside of Google Play Store. However, whether or not Google used the recent Fortnite security dilemma as a promotion for its own Play Store, Epic Games has more important things to look after than a simple dispute with Google.

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