Higher Security on ANDROID 10 GO EDITION Mobile Phones

Google has revealed an upgraded version of its Android mobile operating system (Go Edition) for Android 10-based entry-level devices. Christened Android10 (GoEdition), the newest Android version (Go Edition) is expected to provide a smoother multitasking service while increasing reliability and speed for the entire user atmosphere. In Android 10 (Go Edition), Google also claims to have added safety to enhance the efficient performance of the phones. Android Go Edition is going to be out this fall, but there is no information on the brands that will launch the first wave of Android 10 smartphones.

Android Developers

In a blog post by Sagar Kamdar, Google’s Product Management Director (Android), Android 10 (Go Edition) has been designed to further improve the experience of entry-level mobile users. It is said to be quicker than its former Android Pie iteration and allows users to change from applications more quickly and in a memory-efficient way. Google says that the application launch speed has increased by 10% with Android 10 (Go Edition).


Google also states that Android 10 (Go Edition) uses Adiantum, a fresh encryption scheme tailored to safeguard information on entry-level devices without compromising the phone’s efficiency. In order to remember, Adiantum was implemented earlier this year as a unique encryption procedure for smartphones. It has been aimed at improving the efficiency of storage data encryption for devices without cryptographing, which implies that no unique hardware is necessary and thus no pressure on silicon on Android 10 (Go Edition) phones is created. Google claims that when the Adiantum arrives, it brings Android 10 (Go Edition) in terms of data security on an equal level with the standard Android operating system.


The Android ten version of Android (Go Edition), as stated earlier, will be released in the fall. Google has also endorsed some of the distinctive characteristics and applications of the Android Go Edition, including read-out-loud for long-form texts, Google App Go Lens, YouTube Go, and Gallery Go as alternatives that improve Android’s entry-level devices experience in useful terms. Google argues that to date in 180 + nations within the past 18 months over 500 companies have introduced over 1,600 Android Go-powered devices.

Indeed this is a great innovation that will undoubtedly improve user experience considering the amazing features it comes with. It is an update that is worth waiting for eagerly.

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