Google Prioritizes Security Upgrades

The competition between Android and iOS mobile operating systems over security levels prompts both respective systems companies to develop more effective security measures to earn the users trust and keep their devices fully secured. However, one can’t definitely deny that Google is always presenting Android devices with the essential security upgrades to help immune the system against all kinds of harmful intrusions; and in order to maintain the highest possible level of security, Google provides regularly continuous upgrades to the Android devices to prevent any kind of a possible renewed threat.

Recently, Google considered undertaking some changes regarding the Android security system upgrades; the plan Google is aiming for us to create a distinction amongst upgrades levels in an attempt to ease the security system updating procedure and to keep the users notified about the level of security their devices possess in the moment.

The Android users are, of course, very clearly aware of the vitality of the security patches provided by Google. Many high-level Android threats emerged recently, especially in the second half of 2017; for instance, the BlueBorne, KRACK, and the Spectre threatened many features of the Android-based devices. Similar threats urged Google to bring in some sort of a distinction to the security upgrades measures. Such Android system attacks bring to the spotlight the importance of the collaboration between hardware companies and Android for the futuristic threats is going after hardware features such as the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi.

Apart from these upcoming hardware threats, other parts of the Android system can be re-established if jeopardized through the regular system updates. Upgrading security patches is a main component for Google to maintain the sanity of the devices and to refute all of the threats – apparent or hidden – that the previous upgrading procedures didn’t include. The monthly upgrading security patch of the Android devices runs a comparison between previous upgrades and the latest one in order to ensure that the device is highly secured against the latest hardware/software threats.

So, the collaboration between hardware companies is a must to profoundly secure the Android system. However, Google’s Android system security upgrades may possibly be un-chained from the hardware security procedures. The supposed separation between the patches might confusingly delude users whose devices may seemingly appear as wholly secured according to the latest security patch; yet the devices, unfortunately, may not be completely secured against the latest Android damages.

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