Is Android Security Assured?

Android security issues arise very nice and then, making us questions the validity of true security of our devices, and how far the various apps are used are completed secured and safe. Recently, a study of over 200 Google store apps revealed that most of them are not as secured and malware-free as promoted initially upon purchasing. Almost every day, a brand new app is handed over to users to try out.

Prompted by the rush to go through a new experience, most users does not waste the chance of trying the new app, experimenting with its features and testing its limits, with almost no sincere regard to security issues that may surface later on. Many apps are not safe, dubious and questionable; a lot of apps creators seek to put the app out there for trial, not dedicating enough time to secure it fully; however, the reason for these repeatedly arising security issues may be that the creators are with no enough security-instilling experience or without any experience at all.

And even though popular malware detectors and antivirus software applications are still around – Avast, Kaspersky, McAfee and such – some unintended consequences due to using unworthy, and un-trusted apps might occur as well. Reviewers of new apps may recommend one app as being functional and efficient, but these viewpoints are not eligible to consider; these users are also lacking the right amount of expertise that upgrades them to rate apps security levels.

In fact, users may positively rate apps that have almost no worthy security features – no actual defenses against malwares. ‘Google Play Store’ includes innumerable apps and users purchase any app with no real concern to its level of security. However, many malicious and malware-disabled apps are removed once discovered. One must keep mind that users ratings are not the best criteria to initiate an app experience; users depend solely on their individual experiences which, indeed, might turn out to be falsified ones.

‘Google Android’ security reports, surely, assure all of the customers that the system is completely safe and protected. But the vital question remains: How far is the system protected? And no matter how far security is double-checked, there is going to be some unsafe apps slipping to our devices. Crucial measures must be undertaken to prevent such apps from penetrating our technological experience; the most crucial is the elimination of the non-supporting-security apps from digital, online stores.

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