How to Protect your Personal Web Space?

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Much more common is the web browsing, the more false statement are spread among the people. One of the most famous “lies” about internet space is that there are some safe web sites. Some small sites like blogs that have a minimum protection and are considered for safe are also risky.

It is more comfortable for criminals to draw attention to users of common popular services. Another wrong statement is that e-mail attachments are the main means of distributing viruses. They are still a cyber threat, but more dangerous are cyber sites with shorter URL addresses. In addition many people think that visiting a dangerous site without clicking or downloading some files cannot defeat their system and they are wrong. One more myth for internet security is that hackers are not interested in computers of ordinary people but only of company systems. Even the opposite is more common – ordinary people are easier to be attacked because the level of security is lower. They store big amounts of very personal information in their devices like passwords, numbers of debit and credit cards, etc. It is not true also that huge part of malicious software is spread by flash memories.

Already knowing the misled theories about the source of harm and probability exactly you to be its victim, let’s check what contemporary means of protection exist. Firewall is such mechanism that it let the users use all the services of the local network and some Internet services, but at the same time is controlling the data transfers and also the access from outside the network.

SET standard is created for financial transactions. SET provides features for data protection, which are difficult to extract information about the users. In addition to these functions, smart cards with chips are added.

Another way to restrict unwanted intrusions is to use anti-spam techniques. Still there is no perfect solution for the spam issue. Anti-spam methods could be included in the more and more popular nowadays antivirus programs “All in one”, which presents a complex decision against web criminals. There are also some online antivirus scanners which check is performed by several antivirus programs. The special programs used to find the most difficult to detect viruses – rootkits, are named anti-rootkits. One more way to clean up spyware, adware, keyloggers is by using anti-spy and blunder software.

No matter what protection you choose, there are some guidelines to be followed in order to defend your personal virtual space and data:

  • It is extremely important not to forget to make you antivirus program (or programs) up to date periodically.
  • Another thing you can do is to control strictly the access to the computer.
  • Don’t use suspect external peripherals.
  • Check the software for viruses before use and if you find one look for help immediately.

Make periodically backup copies of your data which will allow you to recover it if it is needed.

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