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Play Protect is the new Google’s Android Certificate


Google recently announced in a blog post on its India blog that that it is branding new devices that will be identified as “certified Android devices”. Android has started back in 2008 as an open source platform with one device,

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Ransomware Campaign Against Skype Means New Security Protection


Corrupt advertisements seem to be to blame for the massive rise in ransomware attacks against Microsoft’s video calling software, Skype. Users have received a warning to update their security following the discovery of this situation and caution has been urged

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ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus 100% Recommended

ESET-Mobile-Security-Antivirus 2017

ESET is a highly reputed security software tool. It manufactures mobile security for Androids. According to the lab results, this is the best mobile antivirus app. The recent update of ESET Mobile Antivirus is a two-factor Authentication application. It adds

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How Facebook offers Best Security Checkpoints using McAfee and Windows


During past few years, Facebook management has been trying to focus on aiding its users in staying safe from various malware. In short, from all types of malicious programs which are installed on your device to disturb the routine operations

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What Makes Sophos Security the Best Choice for Android Users


Sophos free antivirus and security app is a part of its complete mobile security initiative, and this lightweight anti-virus app is capable of protecting Android devices from privacy issues, malware attack and unexpected loss of hardware. It does all this

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New Android Ransomware Makes a Mockery of all Anti-virus Solutions


If you thought your Android device was secure because you recently installed that super powerful anti-virus then I am sorry to burst that bubble! Researchers have discovered a new Android ransomware that is so powerful that is eludes all mobile

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