Avira tops the Safety Apps with a Single Package


Avira antivirus company has released a package plan in which users can avail most of the safety company’s premium stock for a less costly price for each month or year than buying them individually. Avira has launched a much smoother plan which offers an overall premium package at very low rates.

Avira Prime packages are wholly the company’s quite important antivirus program, privacy (VPN) and up keeping of the system of your device, in a cross-platform at the cost of $9.99 for each month or $99.9 for each year for five gadgets.

At this cost, you can enjoy the entry into the next system stock: Avira Antivirus Professional, Avira Speedup Professional, Avira Phantom VPN Professional, and Avira Software Program Updater Professional. Most of these programs work for home PCs, and two out of these are suitable for Mac too.

Talking about the mobile platform, for Android, you can have Avira Antivirus as well as Avira Phantom VPN Professional, along with the optimizer pro and App Lock+ pro. For iOS users, there is a small collection of few of the app including Avira Vault and Avira Phantom VPN Pro.

If you have more than five active device systems at your home which need proper protection and security, there is a high-class version which covers about 25 device system, however, obviously, you will have to pay little more. For each mon it will cost $12.99, or it will be $129.99 for each year.

Security services

According to the CEO of Avira Antivirus company, Travis Witteveen, by using the Avira Prime, the company is intending to move forward towards the real security services model while moving away from the present industry trends of selling the services in the form of bits and pieces. Selling the single product had worked for the companies in past when users had to use just one or two systems in homes but have a lot of flaws in it as users have to keep adding the devices which they use, to their network portfolios.

You can have access to various Avira products including some of the free stuff offered in the package, like the password manager and online security of mobile for iOS platform through Avira Online Essentials dashboard, which allows you to manage the remote systems and install the software easily all across the different parts of the hardware.

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