Malware Images are a way to hack your WhatsApp and Telegram



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Malware Images are a way to hack your WhatsApp and Telegram

Researchers at Check Point Security firm announced a new way to attack Whatsapp and Telegram as they say that the both services use images and media files. Check Point get success in sending malware image to WhatsApp which looks normal in preview

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Bugging the Top Smartphones can Lead to the unstoppable Malware

A latest patched bug was found in chips which are used for providing the Wi-Fi connection to the phones like iPhones, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy phones. This bug can build into the malware which jumps instantly from one phone

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Mac Users Are Warned About Apple Targeting Malware

Mac computers have been long known as invincible. They have a reputation to be some of the best secured computers around. On the other hand is Ransomware- a malware that is known for its adverse range of damage and persistence.

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Mac Malware as adware bundling increased by 744 percent in 2016


Many issues are revolving around Apple Mac nowadays. Recently We heard a news that Apple is leaking data of Mac users. Now again a report came related to security of Mac users. A Report suggests, In 2016, Mac malware grew by

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