Malware Images are a way to hack your WhatsApp and Telegram

Researchers at Check Point Security firm announced a new way to attack Whatsapp and Telegram as they say that the both services use images and media files. Check Point get success in sending malware image to WhatsApp which looks normal in preview but land to a malware HTML page. Once the HTML page will load, the attacker can retrieve all data of WhatsApp of a person.

An attacker can get access to the whole account, can see all photos, can see all old messages etc by just sending a malware image.

This vulnerability was reported in both Telegram Messenger and Whatsapp at 8th March and after this, they both changed the protocol of file upload to deal this vulnerability.

This is obvious that you will get this malware if you forcefully open the image. But it is quite obvious that a person will open the image if known will send him an image. This vulnerability is difficult to get into telegram as in telegram, the user has to open a video in chrome tab.

Whatsapp updated its app after getting to know about the flaw of WhatsApp Messenger and a spokesperson of Whatsapp said that they care about the privacy of users.

Whatsapp made a promise to its users after launching the end to end encryption between chats that their messages are safe.But An image got slip from this encryption and break that promise.

What’s the future of other apps?

Many apps have launched encryption for the privacy of users. But hackers are finding ways to pass through this encryption. Today’s nothing is safe on the web.We suggest you don’t reveal your passwords of important things over any chatting apps. Don’t know, Who is using watching your messages at backend?

Recently Wikileaks revealed that many tech firms like Apple are selling users data. Apple refused these assumptions but Don’t Know How much truth is in it? Maybe some chatting apps also selling users data.

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