Android keeps track of your location whether you’re allowing it or not



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Android keeps track of your location whether you’re allowing it or not

This Thanksgiving week has been a busy one in the world of digital security despite of the holiday. One of the biggest pieces of news for that week was the Quartz investigation which revealed that Google is keeping track of

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Ransomware-generating Android apps

Are you a hacker? Here is some good news, you don’t have to write, or know how to write, a single line of code to create your own ransomware that can penetrate Android devices. You are only a few taps

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Is Android Security Assured?

Android security issues arise very nice and then, making us questions the validity of true security of our devices, and how far the various apps are used are completed secured and safe. Recently, a study of over 200 Google store

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Top Recommended Android Antivirus and Security Apps

Considering how often ransomware, hacking and malware hit the headlines, you might be speculating which antivirus best fits your trusty Android phone as well as all its data are safe. So the apps explained below will ensure your device is

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Google Play got Malicious Flash Player App on Android


Based on the notice made by the ESET, Google has put out the malicious app on the App Store of Google. It has received more than 100,000 to 500,000 downloads during November 2016. Dissimilar to the traditional ransomware, downloaders, and

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New Android Ransomware Makes a Mockery of all Anti-virus Solutions


If you thought your Android device was secure because you recently installed that super powerful anti-virus then I am sorry to burst that bubble! Researchers have discovered a new Android ransomware that is so powerful that is eludes all mobile

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