Best 5 Secure Web Browser for Android

Secure Web Browser Android

Web browser is an application which you can browse or surf webpages on internet. Every Android phone comes with a stock android web browser. Many different phone manufacturer companies like Samsung, LG, HTC and others built their own stock browser for browsing. All Google nexus device have Google Chrome installed as a stock default Browser.

If you want a browser that has a ton of new features and tricks then you can install different Web browser form Google Play Store. Today I have a cool collection of Internet Web Browser for Android you might like that , below are the list:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best Internet Web Browser of all the time. It is multi-platform application available for different OS like Mac, Windows and on Android. On Android you can enjoy the same browsing experience like on windows. You can log into your Gmail account, it will sync all your desktop browsing history, favorites and bookmarks. On Android you can save your mobile network data by Data compression tool, it will compress your browsing data. It has great UI for multitasking, you can easily navigate to your webpage instantly.

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Opera is also a multi-platform application you can download this on your Android form Google Playstore. It has a simple and clean UI through user can easily navigate. Opera has a store, by which you download and install different extensions for your browser like Built-in Bookmarks, different colorful themes and much more. Opera has a download manager with the help of it you can pause and resume your downloading. Opera Mini help you in data compression, you can save your mobile data package up to 35 %.

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Maxthon is also a best browser for Internet web browsing all the time. Maxthon browser is best for personal use, whenever user want to exit through Maxthon, it ask for clear cache and clear history. Maxthon also has some special features, it offers two different modes Light mode and Fast mode.

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Dolphin browser I also find best for browsing. It gives a rich quality experience in browsing. The new Dolphin beta version is available on Google Playstore. It offers tons of new features. You can set your own defined gestures for your favorite web pages e.g. write your own set alphabet by your finger in the home screen of your browser. Dolphin browser has its own download manager, it boost your downloading speed up to 20 %.

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UC Web Browser

UC Web browser is also known the best internet browser android. It gives a rich quality web browsing experience. You open up to five different tabs. It offers a Reader mode, very effective for magazine sites and news sites. It has its own download manager.

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