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Cryptocurrency apps compromises users’ security

High-Tech Bridge, a well known firm that specializes in web security has recently published a research that should get any of cryptocurrency apps users on an Android device very worried. According to the mentioned research, almost every single cryptocurrency app

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Download McAfee Antivirus and see how it Works

When you start thinking about securing your computer operating system, McAfee antivirus software makes updates in its database with the help of an automatic network which scans the web and recognizes the malicious entities by type, name and devastating competence.

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How firewall can protect the system

In the much simpler terms, the working of the firewall is explained regarding the filter which secures your computer or network and the Internet browsing. You can set the things which you want to get into or take out of

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Download Norton Antivirus and see how it works

The Norton Antivirus software is an antivirus program which is build up by the Symantec Corporation. The Norton Antivirus software serves as a strong protection for your computer system to secure it from undesirable threats and dangerous attacks. It has

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Best Memory Cleaner App for Android

The Android device is more like a computer or laptop which has got various hidden processes carrying out all the time in the background, however, dissimilar to the PC or laptop, the immediate user access to these processes is not

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Have a private conversation? What to look for in a Secure Messenger

Innovations have revolutionized communication. This is in the sense that what we have today is different from what we had millenniums ago. Following technological innovations, it has become easier for people to convey messages by use of gadgets like mobile

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