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Computer is a great revolution of the mankind. It has influenced so many things in a significant manner. When it was introduced, it was used only by the experts and that too for some sophisticated computing needs. But, now it is not so. Even a small kid is using a computer for various needs. Computer can do miracles now. It is now able to do millions of tasks. It has brought information technology revolution. Information is now being accessible on the go. One can send information to the person staying on another part of the globe in fractions of seconds.

Computer acts as a storage device for your precious images, beautiful videos. It gives us all the information required to complete various academic courses. You can study your courses from your home. You can pay all your utility bills at the comfort of your home. You can do a video chat with your near and dear staying abroad. You can perform all your office works from your home with a system. You can watch your favourite movies and enjoy the best music. You can perform various banking transactions such as balance enquiry, funds transfer, opening and closing various accounts, applying for a loan etc through your system.

Shouldn’t your system be safe?

When you are performing all such important transactions on your system, shouldn’t it be safe? What if your information is stolen by a hacker? What happens if a hacker finds your personal information? What if he could access your bank account? Can you imagine the loss due to the theft of personal, private and confidential data is visible to others? The loss is too terrible and it can’t even be expressed always. So, there is a great need to ensure that your system is secure and free from all the major viruses.

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