Spotify is Hunting for Authentic Data

In 2018 and with the debuts of many musical albums and singles, Spotify is indeed growing to become the most important music provider at the time as the users head to Spotify to stay connected to their favorite singers and musical hits. However, the music streaming service is apparently looking for more than just providing music and forming a huge fandom; the musical company is reportedly in a real hunt for authentic information about the users of the platform in order to help make the service more relatable and realistic.

In the past weeks, it was reported that some Spotify users were sent emails asking them to re-enter and confirm their original addresses via the GPS system; the mail sent to the Spotify users stated that some accounts may not be accessed due to wrong or unconfirmed addresses. Initially, the address confirmation emails were sent to family premiums on Spotify asking them to reconfirm the address details with the musical platform.

Spotify users

However, after many accounts received the mails, several users weren’t quite satisfied with the new request by the music streaming service; many users hinted at the fact that living at the same place doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the Spotify users are family members. Also, many users seem to be unsure about the new requirement to access family accounts as it ignores the fact that some families may not live at the same place or might just be separated. On the Spotify website, it’s stated that at leest two or three of the same family must live at the same address and that’s the initial justification for the new Spotify request. Yet, many Spotify users are more concerned believing that the musical service is starting a real hunt for authentic addresses which might lead to some complications regarding the privacy of the users and the security of the platform. Nevertheless, the address confirmation emails stated that the use of the GPS information is to verify the user’s address solely which seems pretty weird since such important data can be used and utilized for much more than just a simple location verification.

Positive reviews

Unfortunately, the new requirement of the popular streaming service Spotify doesn’t seem to generate positive reviews as many users are not contented with verifying their addresses and some of them state that the musical app is becoming increasingly unfriendly and not a favorable daily experience. In response, Spotify stated that the company is currently testing the improvisation of the musical platform and the implementation of some new features which consequently justify the initial use of the users’ GPS location data.

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