13 Apps Pulled From Google Play Store For Installing Malware In Android Phones

If you love driving apps and enjoy downloading the new ones on Google Play Store, your Android phone could be on risk. A recent study reveals that about 13 apps available on Google Store and downloaded about 560,000 times were actually malware infected.

These driving apps were listed on the Play Store as racing games, car and truck simulators. However, they have now been pulled out from the store. According to a leading Android site, the security researcher discovered that these apps were simply a facade to stimulate users to download dangerous malware in the background.

A spokes person from Google has also confirmed that they have removed these apps completely from the store. They further said that providing secure and safe experience for the users is one of their biggest priorities.

They also said that they appreciate the report created by the security researchers and their efforts behind making Google Play a more secure place. The spokes person further said that these apps were found violating the policies of the store and hence they were removed from the market altogether.

Upon further investigation, it was found that all these apps belonged to a developed known as Luiz O Pinto. There is a page on app discovery portal called Softonic and it lists all these 13 apps that the security researches said were infected and downloaded malware in user’s mobile phone. Everey app listed on that site has zero downloads now.

What is really disturbing is the fact that 560,000 installs have already been done. If that number is true then this is probably one of the biggest breaches that Google Play Store has ever experienced.

How to be careful

When downloading apps from the Google Play Store, you need to be really careful. Do not download just any app that appeals to your eye because the makers of malicious apps use attractive covers to attract your attention. Make sure you research well and read reviews before downloading an app.

If an app asks for several unnecessary permissions while downloading, take this as a warning signal and stop the downloading process completely. We know it becomes difficult to stay safe when secure platforms like Google Play Store have infected sites. However, if you are a little careful and vigilant during the downloading process, you may protect your mobile from getting infected.

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