Cryptocurrency apps compromises users’ security



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Cryptocurrency apps compromises users’ security

Cryptocurrency apps compromises users' security Cryptocurrency apps 1

High-Tech Bridge, a well known firm that specializes in web security has recently published a research that should get any of cryptocurrency apps users on an Android device very worried. According to the mentioned research, almost every single cryptocurrency app

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Apps and Websites Leaking Personal Information

Apps and Websites Leaking Personal Information Apps Websites Leaking Personal Information 3

Have you ever wondered that how much cost you pay of using the “free” smartphone apps? Yes, it seems weird, but that is how it is. Most of the mobile apps and the online social media tool like Facebook, Google,

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Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2017


Android is so far the much famous smartphone operating technology, which is being used by the most of the devices known thus it is of no wonder that vast amount of mobile malware is attacking the Google’s OS. And usually,

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Best 5 Antivirus Apps for Android 2014

Antivirus Android

Antivirus apps or software in phone or pc removes malicious files, software if detected in the system. Initially antivirus was for only computers but as the technology developed the malicious file in the same was seen and hence the antivirus

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Best 5 Secure Web Browser for Android

Secure Web Browser Android

Web browser is an application which you can browse or surf webpages on internet. Every Android phone comes with a stock android web browser. Many different phone manufacturer companies like Samsung, LG, HTC and others built their own stock browser

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Top 5 Cache Cleaner Apps for Android

android cache cleaner apps

Android offers great multitasking for application, you can run multiple apps on the same time. When you start a certain application for exiting  you  minimize it, there are some files which remain in the RAM. These files are called cache

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