Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps to Monitor their Children

Android Apps parents monitor children

Looking for Android Apps for parents to monitor their children? It is saddening to see how kids have moved towards gadgets and smart phone from playing out in the park, cycling and other games. The use of a smart phone in grown-ups life has directly affected in children. The even frightening part is that children at times end up reaching to an explicit content on the phone via internet unintentionally. However there are some features where you can restrict the filtering but that isn’t enough you need parental control application as well. There are application which sets time limit, monitor SMS and internet activity and GPS based application which can tell you where your child is at any point of time.

Here are some reliable applications for paranoid parents which they can install:

Net Nanny

This application has the ability to stop you from accessing the adult material in the market. On net nanny the browser comes with simple three tier filtering system. The application also notifies every time a new application is installed.

My mobile Watchdog

My mobile watchdog provides parents with the feature to control and allow you to read messages and phone calls of your children. The application enables you to locate your child via GPS. MMW is not a spyware and it keeps indicating that as well so your kid knows that they are being watched. The application also has the feature of timely blocking and remotely blocking.

Mama Bear

Another parental control app which helps parents in knowing the location of their kids via GPS. It has this amazing feature of notifying if your kid is driving over the speed limit. It also tracks the location and tells the entry and exit of your child from a particular place.

Screen Time parental control

This is one very creative application which sets time limit on every app you are using. Parents can check the time spent by their kid on particular app. There’s a temporary blocking of application during bed, school and study time as well. The exciting part is there’s a list of task and if you complete those tasks the child is awarded by an extra usage time by the application.


This parental control application has the feature to notify the parents if their child is moving cell phone while driving when the car is moving at the speed of more than 12 mph. Also, if the car is running above the speed limits it notifies the parents about it. The app works perfectly and is one of the finest way to ensure your child is safe when away from you.

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